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About We Inspect Homes Colorado

Do you need a great team partner for Home Inspections? Have you ever needed a last second home inspection done, but your home inspector won't show up or is too busy? Maybe your home inspector doesn't like to work certain hours, that doesn't help you serve your clients expediently! Or maybe their work quality is not at the same standard of excellence you deliver to your clients.

My name is Samuel Weiss. I am a Certified Professional Inspector with InterNACHI, and a Marine Corps Veteran with a background in contracting related work. I'm highly motivated with high energy, ready to tackle a home inspection exactly when you need it. I have an affinity for properties, and recognizing challenges inherent in property construction, and have a focus on providing solutions when needed.

During my time in the Marines, I was taught to honor a work code that included efficiency and expediency while still getting the task done to a high standard of excellence. With my commitment to expediency, I will get the inspection report completed and sent out within 24 hours of the inspection, if not the same day! Even with this commitment, I will be conscientious to not miss a potentially costly deficiency in your Buyer’s new home and provide a detailed and thorough analysis of each property I inspect. My professional goal is to complete 400 home inspections per year, serving clients with integrity and professionalism, and I'm right on track.

I have a Husky/Shiba Inu mix puppy named Cammie, and I work hard towards my personal goal of feeding her daily steak dinners.

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